Famed Swedish Legacy Control mage Marcus ‘iwouldliketorespond’ Ewaldh joins the cast tonight. Together we go deep on his very low-to-the-ground Jeskai Staff list which he’s been Top8’ing Legacy Challenges left and right with recently. Marcus prefers an incredibly streamlined approach with no end-game payoffs but balances this out by employing 4 copies of Urza’s Saga. This is contrasted by Angelo “wiky” Cadei’s Jeskai Staff-less list that heavily leans on endgame Planeswalkers, Shark Typhoon, and Day’s Undoing.

Going further we also look into an entirely new and unique take on Legacy Control that Phil Bleckman started pushing recently, which gives Julian severe Cunning Wish Landstill flashbacks.

00:00:00 Marcus, what is Control?
00:17:00 Marcus’ Jeskai Decklist
00:37:30 The Cadei School of Jeskai
00:46:50 Phil Blechman’s Lessons deck
00:57:50 Triumph of Saint Katherine
01:30:20 Dredge is back!
01:32:00 Which Modern shells could work in Legacy?

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