What’s better than Europe & Asia? Australia, obviously. On today’s show Kai, Callum & Julian are joined by none other than Lee Hung Nguyen aka 1MrLee, who is currently hiding from the law in Berlin, of all the places. Anarcho-Kai has given him shelter for the night, as 1MrLee joins the cast for a special guest appearance.

The four of us discuss the implications of the new-and-improved Banned & Restriction schedule and catch up on some of the most interesting Legacy results of the month.

00:00:00 1MrLee joins the crew
00:24:00 The new B&B Schedule
00:38:35 So Many Insane Decklists
00:45:35 Zoo is Back?!
00:51:35 Grixis New Cards.dec
00:54:00 BUG Tradebinder is back!
00:58:35 Showcase Challenge Results

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