God is dead. Slain by a mortal, ready to ascend to newfound divinity. For the 22nd time, Japan crowns a God of Legacy, and Kai has all the coverage, background info, and some of the most mind-blowing tech for us.

Another big announcement: Kai & Julian will be the *live* on-site commentary duo for Spain’s biggest Legacy event of the year: IMPACT Returns in Galicia from the 7th to the 9th of July! With the title of the Spanish National Champion, an even bigger Legacy event on Saturday AND 4 European Legacy Masters slots on the line, we’re looking forward to many old & new faces joining us this summer!

00:00:00 Kai Accidentally Burns €1.5k
00:11:00 The EDH Lawsuit ?!
00:18:30 We’re going to ESPAÑA!
00:30:45 UW(r) Midrange with 4 Faerie Mastermind
00:37:30 The 22nd God of Legacy

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