With the metagame slowly settling into place, Kai, Callum, and Julian publish their Legacy 3×3 as it stands today: each one of them ranks their Top3 Aggor, Control, and Combo decks in the format as it exists today – until we realize that one of them completely misunderstood the assignment…and wants to bring Dredge back?!

We also take a look at two spicy decks that recently made waves in the format: HankTheObese’s BW Arena Rector, and Killabee’s new version of Riddlesmith.

00:00:00 Easter in Japan?!
00:27:00 Spice, Spice, Baby!
00:44:00 Julian’s 3×3
01:13:20 Callum’s 3×3
01:24:20 Kai’s 3×3

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