With White Plume Adventurer & Expressive Iterration finally put to rest, Kai, Callum & Julian reflect on the first week of post-ban Legacy. Has RG Initiative lived up to the hype, and how will Delver compensate on both tactical and strategic levels? Two of our heroes look back at their first Legacy Challenge results in this wide-open™ new format, and discuss why Kai’s fears of Predict are probably unwarranted.

In the first half of the show, we also look back at yet another outstandingly-well-run 4Seasons event in Bologna, in which Everyday Eternal Top8’ed the Team Tournament…after which Callum got lost somewhere in Europe, while Kai joined the Bologna Nerd Club in some remote underground garage. Julian just played Legacy, he is boring.

00:08:30 — Callum’s Odyssee across Europe
00:21:50 — 4Seasons Event Review
00:36:30 — We Top8’ed 4 Seasons!
01:14:40 — Thought on the Bans
01:30:30 — Callum Was WRONG
01:49:30 — Callum Bets On This Dinosaur

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