While Kai still tries to resolve his identity crisis by adding Expressive Iteration to every deck under the sun, Callum considers bringing back old faithful for 4Seasons Vintage. Because who doesn’t remember Goblin Welder’s reign of terror back in the day? Meanwhile Julian actually got to ONLY NOW play with Chaos Defiler in a real tournament, as he Top8s Et Cetera Freising.

In the second half of the show, we cover all the recent developments in Legacy, as the community heads into yet another massive 4Seasons in Bologna this weekend. We also go about which decks we are going to play in the event(s), and why Doomsday has given Kai so much brain damage, he is no longer able to properly play it on consecutive days. What a noob.

Favourite story of the day: Callum’s played a deck that terrible at his last event, even the judges suggested he should make some changes – and made a special ruling to allow him to do so.

00:00:35 — Kai Gets Misdirected
00:19:05 — Callum Goes To War
00:28:35 — Julian Top8s Et Cetera
00:41:35 — Viable Budget Decks?
00:49:35 — Callum’s Judge Call
00:56:25 — The State of Legacy & New/Rediscovered Cards
01:16:45 — Snuff Out, Atraxa, Spelldance & More

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