With Julian’s journey coming to an end, the entire crew regroups back home again to as Kai rolls out his new economic masterplan: forget #MengucciFinance – this is Sawatarix Economics, and it’s here to stay. Somehow the failing Callum and Julian remain unconvinced in the face of Kai’s economic genius, but surely our listeners will be able to appreciate our co-host’s brilliant business savviness.

While Kai has been preparing for the unquestionable riches that are about to come his way, Callum has been slinging some cards in Birmingham’s GREAT HALL at the Axion MEGA Legacy event! Seriously, every tournament needs to be held inside nothing less than a GREAT HALL. Accept no less, and check out how even Callum spins out of control as as the team tries to understand how many Painter variants have now been released into the wild – and how new ones are popping up quicker than we can name them.

00:00:00 — Catching up & Cephalid Breakfast
00:20:00 — Callum @ Axion’s MEGA Weekend
00:45:30 — Julian’s Trade Fair Story
00:54:30 — Kai’s Opponent did WHAT?!

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