Kai is finally back from Japan. Did he win the God of Legacy event? No. Does he share his three golden rules about how to make your trip to the land of the rising sun the most enjoyable it could be? Allegedly. Listener caution advised. All we know is that ChatGPT will most certainly do a better job judging your next event than Kai did in his first (and last) appearance as a judge. Catch Me If You Can: Tokyo Drift.

In the second half of the show we cover Julian’s victory in the Et Cetera Invitational and listen to Callum making the case for… (editor’s note: guys, it says “Scrapwork Mutt” here, can you please fit th…wait WHAT?!)

00:00:35 — Catching up with the guys
00:12:35 — Running Community Events
00:24:25 — Kai’s The Worst Judge In The World
00:34:35 — Your Biggest Improvements
00:41:15 — 3 Rules About Japan
00:56:15 — Julian wins the Et Cetera Invitational
01:15:50 — Big Paper Event Results
01:40:35 — Minor Misstep?

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