Callum & Julian invite a short-notice guest to the cast, as Berlin keeps taking its toll on Kai. Joined by last month’s AXION MEGA Legacy Winner Andy Fernandes, we deconstruct the hottest new deck in town, Naya Stompy, as well as his actual favourite deck, RG Valakut.

In the second half of the show, we go over Callum’s insane run in both Challenges, going 13-0 across both Swiss. Of course, he immediately loses to UR Delver in the Quarters. Come on Callum, get your shit together!

00:09:20 — Et Cetera Tournament Report
00:42:15 — Naya Stompy is CRACKED
01:07:45 — RG Valakut Deconstruction
01:33:35 — Callum Top8s the Showcase Challenge

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