With a foreword about Jordan Aisaka

The previous weekend, England’s Axion Now hosted one of the big non-GP tournaments the UK has ever seen: The Gathering offered the two so-called MEGA LEGACY events, each attracting 100+ players. Everyday Eternal was represented by our professional painter pilot Callum, who managed to navigate his way to two Top16 finishes with Painter. Both Legacy Top8s of the weekend featured some super interesting decks: one a huge blast from the Wilson-Hunter-past of the format and a way to stomp people with Courser of Cruphix – while the other saw the breakout of NAYA STOMPY. Listen to Julian grow from immediately wanting to replace one of the cards in it, to actually ordering a playset before the end of the episode.

Oh, and Sticker Goblins makes its first premier-ish level Top8. And Doomsday for 4 Triumph of Saint Katherine gets cast.

In the second half of the cast, we also go over the surprisingly short-notice announcement of the 2022 Eternal Weekends, our team composition for the upcoming 4Seasons championship, and answer your listener questions.

00:04:50 — Kai’s Homestory Cup
00:18:50 — Callum’s Axion Experience
00:38:30 — Top8 Decklists
00:55:15 — Naya Stompy takes it down!
01:25:50 — Team Trios 4Seasons
01:51:15 — Eternal Weekend is ON!

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