“Back in the old days at Wizards of the Coast, we used to joke about how cravenly greedy it would be to release cards that you could only get with a high purchase price, like only available in a booster box etc. We often said that if we did that it was because we were out of ideas and the grasping suits had totally taken over. Then we would laugh because we would never allow that to happen.

We called them ‘chase’ cards and we knew their single purpose was to squeeze even more money out of obsessed players. Even back then we understood 100% that it was in effect taking advantage of people with certain mental disorders and that it was the wrong thing to do.

We knew that many players would see it for what it was, a sign of a total loss of respect for our players all for a pathetic short-term gain. Those cards would have been aimed squarely at benefiting shareholders, not to benefit the players. It would have been disgusting. That is why we never did it, though it was discussed.”

Jesper Myrfors, first MtG Art Director (2018)

00:00:00 — Transnistria Safari When?
00:17:00 — Phyrexian Dragon Engine
00:22:45 — Quick Questions
00:33:00 — 30th Anniversary of Whale Hunting
01:06:00 — Premodern: European Championships
01:21:40 — The Legacy Pit Open II

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