In an impromptu attempt at amateur science, the crew looks into the effect of pouring a bottle of wine over your keyboard. The results will SHOCK you, as one of us soon gets relegated to a literal casting couch for the rest of the podcast. Oh, and there’s Max Gilmore too, who actually CRUSHED the quarterly Legacy Showcase Challenge on Magic Online with Sheoldred, the Apocalypse. Never since the days of Juzám Djinn has a black four-drop creature ruled the tables again, so we’re all excited to find out more about it. Oh, and Max happily calls Anuraag Das’ bet.

Further down the cast, Kai and Max start arguing over the implied equity of making a second “backup” child, and why you should never ask someone out for a date twice…or should you?

00:19:55 — The Big Wine Spilling of 2022
00:31:55 — Max calls Anuraag’s bet
00:43:15 — Second Oracle & Other Choices
01:05:15 — Upcoming Changes to Doomsday
01:11:30 — BLACK DINOSAUR STOMPY rulez!
01:19:45 — GR Minsc & Boo Stompy is here and horny!
01:33:35 — Everyone’s favourite 2-card-combos

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