It’s a full house today, as the entire crew is joined by famed sky noodle expert John Ryan ‘xJCloud’ Hamilton. xJ recently relocated his desires into the realms of Dragon Stompy, and used his dark powers to once again almost take down a Legacy SuperPTQ. Nevertheless, his 2nd place finish was good enough to qualify him for the Pro Tour (or whatever the cool kids call it these days).

We invited xJ to give us his take on how to build the deck, what the common pitfalls in deck construction are – and answer a whole bunch of questions from our Discord & Twitter. We also showcase a couple of interesting lists from the SuperPTQ, and mock Kai for losing Flying.

00:00:00 — Kai Sawatari loses Flying
00:12:15 — xJCloud Top2’s the SuperPTQ
00:25:00 — Decklist Review
01:08:00 — Other lists from the SuperPTQ

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