If there’s one country that knows what it takes to flavour the shit out of a tournament, it is Japan, where earlier this month, the 20th all-Japanese GOD of Legacy was crowned. However, similar to the Chess World Championship, one does not simply ascend to divinity but instead has to battle their way through a candidates tournament, in order to earn the right to challenge the reigning GOD of Legacy.

What sounds like an anime plot is the reality that Legacy players in Japan are living every quarter of the year. In today’s episode, the boys browse through the innovation to come out of the candidates’ tournament, and the psychology of whether or not you would dare to metagame against a deity. Oh, and Painter wins another big tournament. Tune in to learn more, and finally solve the age-old question of where the North of England actually starts!

00:28:34 — You get a Sticker, you get a Sticker, and YOU get a Sticker!
00:39:24 — 20th GOD of Legacy Tournament Japan
01:39:34 — Painter wins the Legacy Challenge

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