Today’s episode is mostly travel stories from around the world: Callum just returned from his band’s month-long tour of the American Midwest and East Coast, where he picked up, among other things, an 18-inch machete at Walmart, and played in front of some of the biggest audiences ever…yet! Julian meanwhile declined an absolute bargain on a Maasai-knife in Kenya, where he spent the last three weeks working from a hammock above a lagoon. And Kai does, what Kai does best: destroying people with Doomsday, at the legendary Et Cetera Legacy tournament in Freising.

These are their stories.

00:00:40 — Callum goes to the US & buys a machete
00:22:00 — Kai wins Et Cetera
00:41:00 — Julian was living the dream in Kenya
01:02:04 — 4Seasons Bologna Legacy!

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