The Legacy Showcase Challenge flipped the metagame on its head: an all-creature Sliver deck, the latest iteration of Goblins, a TON of turbo-charged Goblin decks – and in the middle of the madness, Javier Dominguez driving his Esper Yorion Cephalid Breakfast car around the arena. Legend has it Javier’s list was created during a transporter freak accident, but what do we know about Star Wars? Kai, Callum & Julian jump into the most interesting decks that made Top8 in the biggest Legacy event of the month and uncover the ancient secret of Japanese shuffling sound design.

00:15:47 — Ledger Shredder to the Moon!
00:21:54 — Mono-3-Drops wins the Showcase
00:28:43 — Slivers!
00:40:03 — Goblins!
00:49:03 — Dragon Stompy
00:55:53 — Ledger Delver
01:00:03 — Cephalid Breakfast

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