Ragavan has been banned. Our sweet prince of Legacy, beloved by many and revered by even more, is no more. Wizards of the Coast has taken action, and our simian sidekick will speak, see or do no evil anymore. But as a wise man once said: don’t be sad it’s over – be glad it happened. In this spirit, Callum and Julian analyze WotC’s stated reason for banning the monkey, and why this B&R announcement has already pathed the way for the following one “soon” after. We also take a look at the state of the format we’re now just entered, and which decks as well as card choices will constitute the upper tier of Legacy moving forward.

In the first part of the episode, we also look at Starcitygames’ paradigm shift in content policy, and why it’s a real watershed moment for the way content creation will happen be accessible in the future – for ALL of Magic!

00:13:24 — SCG Content Policy Revolution
00:27:29 — Legacy Challenge Change
00:28:51 — Ragavan Be Gone
00:41:14 — WotC: Classic Staples Less Likely to Be Banned
00:50:39 — EW Data Inconclusive & Favourite Raga Moments
01:03:19 — This Is What Legacy Will Now Look Like
01:14:54 — How To Actually Enjoy Yourself

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