After Callum had been shamelessly stood up by our scheduled guest, Queen Elizabeth II of England, we instead invited the ONE and ONLY Andrea Mengucci of Italy to save the day and introduce us to the current state of Modern! The format has recently gotten tons of praise following the release of Modern Horizons 2, with some voices even comparing it to the “Golden Age” of Legacy. After checking with our Patreon Discord, our supporters were overwhelmingly in favour of dedicating an episode to learning all there is to know about why Modern is such an amazing experience right now, so here we are!

This episode is especially for those who want to make their way into the format or want to understand it from the point of view of one of Magic’s greatest players & personalities. Andrea’s passion for both Magic and Modern in particular really shows throughout the episode, and we’re super excited to follow him into the mystical wonderland that is Modern right now.

00:02:02 — Legacy UW Spirits Mini Primer
00:14:00 — Andrea Explains Italy
00:27:54 — Pauper Format Panel..for Legacy?
00:35:55 — What Makes Modern So Great Today?
00:47:35 — Strategic Constraints of Modern
01:18:30 — 9 Of The Most Popular Modern Decks
02:09:50 — What Would Andrea Play in a Big Event?
02:18:25 — 5 More Listener Questions

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