For the final episode of the year, the full triforce assembles once again, as we get military clearance to have Matt back on the cast. In the first part of today’s show, we try to stay on the topic of Julian almost qualifying for the Pro Tour through the Legacy Showcase Qualifier, playing the weirdest version of Elves to date, but the conversation escalates the most absurd discussion of the year..thus far. Once things get back on track we dive deeper into one of the highest-profile/stakes event of the year, as Callum rediscovers his desire to crush the MTGO meta. Someone brings up Siege Rhino.

For the second half of the cast, we discover the three of the biggest news items in Legacy and/or Magic as a whole. The one that completely blindsided everyone surely was Wizards of the Coast selling(?) MTGO and everything that comes with it to Daybreak Games – a company both famous for killing off dying games BUT ALSO rejuvenating games stuck in a dead-end. Only time will tell where MTGO will be headed under their leadership, but Julian has a revolutionary idea of what this might actually mean for the MTGO economy. We also cover all the upcoming big Paper events, and why everybody’s favourite lazy Sunday afternoon activity is about to come back.

00:04:50 — Julians Top4’s the Showcase Qualifier with Elves
00:13:35 — Stupidest Discussion of the entire Year
00:18:35 — The Allegory of the Stones
00:22:10 — We finally talk about the Showcase Qualifier
00:37:15 — Julian ALMOST Q’ed for the Pro Tour!
00:42:05 — No Quirion Ranger AND no Nettle Sentinel?!
00:44:45 — WotC parts ways with Magic Online, WUT?!
01:01:35 — NRG & SCG Tournaments Announced
01:09:05 — The Impact of Alchemy

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