Alex ‘Vivarus’ McKinley joins Callum & Julian to celebrate his recent win in the Eternal Weekend Vintage Mox Emerald Championship. Alex and his crew applied specific principles to constructing the Grixis Tinker Breach list that guided him all the way to the trophy, and we promise only 90% of it is gonna about playing the most broken card they could find. Is Preordain secretly the best still unrestricted spell in Vintage?

In the second part of the show we take a look at Legacy, and its pathological addiction towards adding more colours to decks – and getting away with it! Especially the most recent Challenges & the NRG Series have driven this trend up another notch. However, unlike during previous Blue Soup Seasons, there’s a noticeable trend towards loading up on Wastelands and Life From the Loams, instead of adding a 5th colour. Seriously, what happened to everybody’s favourite trend of 5c Blood Moon? Towards the end Julian is interested in bringing back an old classic, but Callum is just dead inside 🙁

00:10:47 — Alex McKinley & Grixis Tinker Breach
00:24:37 — Secret Keyword: “Awesome”
00:25:57 — Alex’ Rundown of his EW Vintage Win
00:49:02 — LQ: What are you general thoughts on Vintage & MH2 in it?
00:51:57 — LQ: “Will you come to my FNM?”
00:55:02 — LQ: How did you prepare for EW and what do you do differently?
00:56:07 — Arrogance vs Confidence
01:02:42 — LQ: What other events do you want to win?
01:05:26 — Callum’s love affair with Modern
01:10:45 — LQ: What will you do with the Mox Emerald Painting?
01:12:57 — Legacy decks that excite us & do well right now
01:35:16 — ANT’s slow resurgence & how it compares to TES
01:39:00 — Witherbloom Command, Pernicious Deed & other pipedreams

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