With the three BIGGEST Legacy events of the year in the books, Callum & Julian invite Danish Doomsday deity Martin ‘nevilshute’ Nielsen to the cast! Martin just finished runner-up in the biggest of last weekend’s Legacy events, nearly taking home the Sylvan Library painting. Martin tells us all you ever wanted to know about Doomsday, and why sometimes you don’t even need Thassa’s Oracle to win.

In the second half of the cast, we go over the top finishers of all three events – and discover maybe the WILDEST deckbuilding principle we ever encountered in a (successful) deck – definitely don’t miss the madness that is the 67 main, 12 sideboard card deck that made Top16 in of of these events!

00:01:23 — Callum won a war & Julian didn’t
00:07:13 — Martin ‘nevilshute’ Nielsen, runner-up of EW Sylvan Library
00:16:13 — LQ: What’s your favourite Doomsday brew?
00:29:38 — “Turn2 with D&T is more complex than with Doomsday”
00:32:03 — Listener Question Galore
00:59:28 — Eternal Weekend: Wasteland Results
01:16:18 — The CRAZIEST deckbuilding principle you’ve ever seen
01:50:53 — Eternal Weekend: Sylvan Library Results
02:00:33 — “So I put Doomsday into my Doomsday Pile” – Martin’s Tournament Report

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