Callum & Julian review the most recent big event results, making a big discovery: UR Zoomer Control is ready to take the metagame by storm! Callum has all the background info on the deck, and Julian can’t stop loving it (and got an immediate 5-0 with it after the cast.) Definitely check out this deck as one of the hottest recommendations for Eternal Weekend, and learn why you need to alter your gameplay and strategy to play the deck to the best of its capabilities.

For those new to MTGO, we also cover how to play in Eternal Weekend, and why the $25 USD “god-account” access that is available from November 15th to December 1st is a GREAT way to get into competitive Magic Online.

00:06:15 — Swedish Legacy Nationals Results
00:31:50 — Legacy Showcase Challenge Results
00:46:05 — UR Zoomer Control breaking Legacy?!
00:51:40 — RAGABANNED Tournament
01:04:50 — Eternal Weekend, how does it work?

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