“I see a red card and I want it painted blue. I could not foresee this thing happening to you.”
– Mick “Painter’s Servant” Jagger (1966)

Callum & Julian welcome Legacy Methuselah Marius Hausmann back onto the cast to discuss a wide range of topics, starting out each one’s performances in our fast-growing local Legacy events. Callum had a great run with UW Yorion Bomberman, Marius split the finals with his unique take on Painter, and Julian placed third after almost losing to Food Reanimator.

Sparked by a discussion on our Discord, we then look into what people mean when they talk about the “true” Legacy metagame, and why context is so important to that rather controversial concept. Towards the middle of the show, Callum & Marius dive deep onto their different styles of Imperial Painter, while Julian is just excited he doesn’t have to sacrifice City of Traitors under Blood Sun.

In the second part of the show we take a look at the Top16 results of the 240-players 4Seasons event that went down last weekend in Bologna, Italy. Following a player’s DQ while playing for Top8 in that event, the three of us get into a broader debate about splitting etiquette, bribery and community problems arising from it. Julian, while probably taking the harsher stance on it, still makes a point about whether the current way of handling things is still appropriate in a post-WotC-Organized-Play world.

00:07:10 — London Legacy Monthly Event Report
00:17:10 — Aalen Legacy Event Report
00:11:20 — Et Cetera Frising Legacy Event Report
00:29:40 — LQ: What is the “true” Legacy Metagame?
00:37:10 — Events actively giving out nice proxies!
00:46:40 — Imperial Painter: GIGA DEEP DIVE
00:57:20 — Callum’s vs Marius’ Painter Lists
01:24:10 — Decklist Highlights from 4Seasons Bologna
01:47:10 — DQs, Bribery & the deeper philosophy of it

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