It’s common knowledge among podcasters that while a lot of your time & energy is focussed on producing content, every once in a while you have to renew your “Serious Tournament Player” membership. For Julian, his was up this month so he jumped straight into the Legacy Showcase Challenge and took it down. Easy as that, right? It helps when you have a BIG FLYING DRAGON or three on your side! Join us for this episode in which we not only recap all 11 rounds of the Showcase, but also focus on the exact style on UWr Saga Julian registered in the event. Lord Ozymandias had written one of the best guides of the year for this event, and it proved to be a most valuable asset to have while navigating through a whole bunch of Monkeys, Dragons and Constructs!

Bonus: Callum has the most amazing birthday present for Julian! 🙂

00:09:50 — Let’s sell crack at the diving trade fair
00:13:20 — LQ: Who is better, DRS or Ragavan?
00:23:35 — Lord Ozymandias giveth the UWr list!
00:30:30 — R1: Grixis Shadow
00:31:25 — R2+3+4: UWr Saga
00:38:00 — R5: Sneak Show
00:39:30 — R6: Lands – TIMEOUT
00:45:35 — R7: Sneak Show vs JPA93
00:56:30 — R8: Bant Midrange
00:59:55 — QF: UR Delver
01:03:45 — SF: BR Reanimator
01:07:19 — F: UR Delver
01:30:50 — BIG Eldrazi & Landfall Zoo!
01:38:15 — Ragavan STATS

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