Legacy is EVOLVING! Ever since Modern Horizon 2 put the formats on its head once again, with Monkeys, Dragons and Constructs running the tables, players have started adapting to this new madness that is our format now. Callum & Julian look into three of the most interesting decks to pop up/back into the format: Marcus Ewaldh almost goes all the way with HIGH TIDE, an ACTUAL AFFINITY deck, and Anuraag fully embraces the degeneracy that is Neo Czech Pile! Oh, and in the end, Yorion Death & Taxes wins again. This is getting spooky, but Callum has a theory about why it just keeps taking down tournaments and why we’re all guilty of still not respecting the deck enough.

00:09:52 — Julian’s Maverick (mis?)adventures at his local
00:23:00 — New spicy Painter tech
00:27:05 — LQ: How do Ragavan/Saga compare to Oko?
00:32:55 — LQ: What if Companions returned?
00:38:55 — LQ: Should I ignore my horrible Delver MU?
01:01:15 — Blue AFFINITY is back!
01:08:00 — Why it is the perfect moment for HIGH TIDE to return
01:15:00 — Callum puts a HUGE target on Death & Taxes

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