Birthday-Brit Callum and Julian tackle a bunch of listener questions about the current state of Legacy. What’s going on with UR Delver, Bant Miracles and Death & Taxes, and why THIS ONE WEIRD trick deck is probably severely underplayed. Julian also tries to explain the Magic Online Championship Series structure and fails horribly at it. Enter Callum and the key to unlock $70,000 by playing (mostly) Legacy.

In the second half of the show we cover the results of the super high stakes Legacy Showcase Qualifier from the weekend, as well as the results of the last couple of Legacy Challenges. Find out why the Qualifier’s most played deck only posted a 30% Winrate and what this means for deckbuilding in Legacy going forward. Also, Doomsday is still sick.

00:07:35 — LQ: Do you feel Twitch is oversaturated with Legacy streamers?
00:16:05 — LQ: What are the best answers to Kaldra Compleat?
00:19:40 — LQ: When will Julian come to the London Legacy Monthly?
00:24:20 — LQ: With the return of Paper, how different is “the meta” from MTGO?
00:27:30 — LQ: Will Proxies change what people play in Paper?
00:30:20 — LQ: What is Callum’s birthday beer?
00:32:10 — Legacy Showcase Qualifier Results (BIG $$$ Event)
00:48:30 — LQ: Why is non-blue doing so well right now?
00:51:50 — THIS ONE WEIRD DECK that nobody talks about
00:57:35 — Callum with the hot take about Murktide Regent
01:00:05 — Why is ANT not coming back?
01:05:33 — What’s going in with Elves?
01:10:50 — Looking into 3 Legacy Challenges

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