None other than the German-Japanese Legacy globetrotter Kai Sawatari is rejoining the cast tonight! Following many years of great success on the European circuit, Kai relocated to his native Japan a couple of years ago to follow his passions. Inspired by a guest appearance on Everyday Eternal in January of this year, Kai recently set up his own stream and has been taking Legacy by storm…or rather Doomsday! On top of being a distinguished crafter of 5-card decks, Kai has also made a name for himself for his card alterations which often feature prominently during his broadcast.

Tune in for a great hangout with one of the most charismatic guys in all of Legacy, and join us in the amazing time we’re having together.

00:01:58 — Callum & Julian’s local Legacy Proxy events are EXPLODING!
00:08:58 — Kai Sawatari makes his entrance
00:11:28 — Japan has developed superior event name technology
00:13:08 — Japanese Legacy tournaments are basically Dragonball
00:18:28 — Can you smell what the Sawatarix is cooking?
00:23:18 — Kai actually owes us a ton of $$$
00:25:48 — About Kais’s on-stream alterations
00:32:18 — You will never guess THIS weird hobby Callum had as a kid
00:33:08 — What makes Kai’s streams so WHOLESOME
00:36:18 — A Boy and His Doomsday
00:42:48 — LQ: We completely ignore the question & Kai unbans Imperial Seal
00:49:11 — LQ: What is it about Doomsday that makes Kai thick?
00:51:58 — LQ: How Kai would paint Doomsday’s artwork
00:55:48 — LQ: How does Kai kick Doomsday into overdrive?
00:58:53 — Why feeling uncomfortable in a matchup is secretly GREAT
01:02:48 — Julian’s house falls apart because of Vintage
01:08:42 — LQ: Understanding the role of the same card across different decks
01:17:28 — Kai doesn’t want to talk about bans
01:17:48 — Kai brings up bans
01:19:33 — GOBLINS (almost) TAKES DOWN a 210 player event!
01:28:48 — Death & Taxes, so hot right now
01:34:28 — Kai’s thoughts on his Doomsday list
01:37:48 — Meta developments in the recent big events
01:39:53 — Is your child involved with Transformational Sideboards?

Thanks a lot for tuning into today’s show!
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