Callum, Matt and Julian come together to discuss the results of Legacy Challenges, with a deeper dive into how to play the UWr Monkey Saga that took Julian to a runner-up finish. We also dig up the spiciest new tech and decks from those events, including Alphablade’s TIMELESS DRAGON Control! Tune in for a fun time with the boys, and learn more about GTA Vancouver Island.

00:01:55 — The Future: Company Sponsorship in Card Art
00:03:00 — Fuck the Ribba Frame et al
00:04:30 — You will NEVER guess what life-changing purchase Matt made
00:10:00 — LQ: Thoughts on Chalice of the Void right now
00:12:45 — LQ: How do you convince yourself to play a top deck?
00:28:15 — LQ: How to play UWr Monkey Saga, dude?!
00:45:50 — Callum has been cheating on Magic with Storybook Brawl WTF
00:48:20 — Matt is getting the helicopter ready
00:49:55 — New tech from the Legacy Challenges – don’t sleep on these cards!
01:01:10 — UB Bomberman with Kaervek, the Spiteful ?!
01:05:10 — UWr TIMELESS DRAGONSTILL is wild
01:12:20 — 8-Rootwalla Madness is the best Aggro deck in ages

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