Callum is back, and so is Paper Magic in Europe! 170 people gathered for the 4 Seasons @ The Park in Bologna last week, and another event (Eternal Rise Again) capped out at 120 just a couple of days after. Italy has always been the beating heart of Legacy on the continent, and we’re super excited to review the results of those two awesome events kicking off the return of European eternal Magic!

In the first half of the show, we also answer a ton of listener questions and find out which deck Callum will be playing with his grandpa-friends on his porch when he’s 85 years old. Yes, it’s what you think it is.

00:10:23 — LQ: How often Do You Resleeve?
00:13:41 — LQ: How does Prismatic Ending affect Legacy?
00:21:40 — LQ: How would a card not be absorbed into the blue shell?
00:28:55 — Callum gives an intro to the Jund Madness deck
00:33:00 — The General State of Legacy – Callum is Happy!
00:37:40 — Which deck Callum will play when he’s 85 years old
00:41:15 — LQ: Bant Miracles or UWr Monkey Saga – what’s better?
00:44:00 — LQ: When is Stifle playable?
00:49:35 — Preview: Demilich
00:58:05 — Preview: Acererak, Lord of Undeath
01:04:50 — Julian teaches his Greatest Act of Trolling
01:08:00 — 4 Seasons, Bologna – 170 Players – Meta & Top8
01:30:10 — Eternal Rise Again – 120 Players – Meta & Top8
01:33:00 — Callum explains the craziest new Legacy deck (it rekt Julian)
01:43:35 — Mindblowing Eldrazi tech @ Paragon Games’ first Legacy event

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