In today’s episode, European Legacy juggernaut Marius Hausmann joins Matt & Julian on a joyride around the metagame! Join us for our initial segment of the craziest monkey-fuelled plays our listeners have encountered thus far, and stay for all the wacky stuff that’s going on in the format right now – including the rare pure aggro deck you don’t see often these days! The final segments also hints at a unique opportunity to get your hands on that sweet Everyday Eternal bathwater – can you Patreon hard enough to unlock the tier?

00:05:33 — Julian is wearing his t-shirt the wrong way
00:06:53 — What impact did Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth have on Elves?
00:09:43 — Your Favourite Monkey Plays
00:19:33 — Legacy  Status Quo & Exciting Decks
00:24:53 — Thespian’s Stage, Urza’s Saga and Blood Moon
00:32:10 — Thran Foundry is back in Legacy?!
00:34:13 — Jund MADNESS
00:46:13 — The Secret of Monkey Saga
00:54:03 — RUG Painter
00:57:33 — Legacy THE HAMMER
01:03:29 — What would WE play right now?

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