Modern Horizons 2 has hit the Legacy metagame like a truck. A truck everyone saw coming, running you over with TWO new incredibly powerful 1-drops for Delver, and a card that completely revitalized a former Tier3 deck to a Legacy Challenge win. Callum & Julian break down the massive changes we have seen in the format during the last two big tournaments, and what they’re excited for moving forward. They also break down the most over/underhyped cards in the set judging by results thus far, and which two utility cards have already become absolute Legacy allstar mainstays. In the second part of the show we also touch on the ongoing discussion around the power level of Delver, and the idea of banning Daze.

00:08:02 — These MH2 cards have had a HUGE impact
00:13:32 — AFFINITY is back, and so is MELTDOWN
00:15:07 — The 3 hottest decks right now
00:21:32 — Dissecting the two new Affinity strains
00:26:07 — “Urza’s Saga is just bonkers!”
00:33:00 — Sam Black about design mistakes in MH2 & more Affinity talk
00:37:57 — Biggest Winner/Loser cards after seeing them in action
00:43:02 — “UR is now the Quake III Arena of Delver decks!”
00:46:27 — Which archetypes have taken the biggest hit?
00:51:22 — Off Topic: Julian remembers a Homeworld enchantment
00:53:32 — Talking Daze
00:59:02 — Julian still wants to BAN this card
01:01:47 — Callum wants to UNBAN this card
01:06:02 — Which cards do you wanna see brewed with?
01:13:32 — What will be your first post-pandemic deck?
01:16:52 — What will the 4Seasons Meta be like?
01:17:32 — Callum: Germans are known for THIS deck
01:19:32 — Did MH2 empower any Tier3/4 decks?

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