Modern Horizons 2 looks to have at least just as much of an impact on Legacy as its predecessor. Thus far a ton of playable cards have been spoiled, with some of them even looking to become absolute format mainstays for years to come! Callum and Julian go over the most recent spoilers and break down 15 selected cards and how they fit into the format. We generally tried to step away from dedicated episodes of set reviews, but with Modern Horizons 2 bringing the big guns, it was more than worth it! Highlights include some of the most powerful one-drops Delver has ever seen (#eaththerich), but also a super rare triple-crossover sideboard card for green decks to take on Delver, Graveyards AND Doomsday! Even though some of those cards might turn out problematic in the format, we’re excited to see them put into action. Also: Callum makes another prediction to shut down the podcast if a specific one of these cards ends up breaking the format.

00:08:45 — Ragavan, Numble Pilferer
00:15:50 — Dragon’s Rage Channeler
00:22:25 — Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth
00:28:40 — Solitude
00:34:10 — Prismatic Ending
00:37:30 — Sudden Edict
00:42:12 — Suspend
00:44:35 — Grief
00:49:23 — Endurance
00:54:23 — Esper Sentinel
00:57:30 — Svyelun, God of Sea and Sky + Rishadan Dockhand
01:06:52 — Void Mirror
01:11:14 — Kaldra Compleat
01:19:50 — Gaea’s Will
01:24:35 — Quick: Honorable Mentions

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