“Playing good decks gives you a feeling of growth.” 

What makes one a scrub? And what does it even mean to be one? Callum & Julian explore the meaning of the term and why it fundamentally has nothing to do with how well you play Magic – but whether your expectations align with the amount of work you’re willing to put into improvement. Becoming aware of your self-imposed rules in playing the game can both help you level up your game, but most importantly prevent frustration with plateauing. One of the most excellent resources on this topic is David Sirlin’s Playing To Win – Becoming the Champion (2002) that dedicates an entire chapter (available online!) to this today’s topic.

In the second half of the show we discuss how both Expressive Iteration already has, and how Abundant Harvest will shape future deckbuilding in Legacy; especially the latter has the potential for a fundamental shift in how to build Midrange and Control decks.

00:05:25 — “I don’t like Tier1 decks”
00:12:20 — Is the “rogue advantage” worth it?
00:15:00 — How do different philosophies interact?
00:17:50 — Julian doesn’t wanna say it
00:24:40 — What it really means to be  Scrub
00:26:00 — The best books about competitive gaming
00:34:20 — Expressive Iteration is bigger than you think
00:45:13 — Abundant Harvest causing a paradigm shift
01:02:10 — Callum must go to the pub

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