Callum and Julian celebrate the 100th episode of Everyday Eternal in the only way they know how: with Spanish wine, British beer and a complete review of the tragic & educational highlights of our first 100 episodes. Did you know that Oko was unplayable, Dreadhorce Arcanist pointless and Gyruda a horrible one-card combo?

We’re incredibly proud to have achieved this milestone – and even more thankful for all of our friends, fans and supporters throughout the years! A big THANK YOU goes out to each one of you, including all of our previous hosts, Eric Landon, Bob Huang, Sam Craven, Jacob “Koby” Kory and Sean O’Brien. With the Legacy meta in the best spot it’s been in over half a decade, Callum, Matt and Julian are incredibly thrilled for the future that lies ahead! HER WE GOOOOOOOOO!

00:10:48 — Why Julian loves Delver
00:13:44 — “What does it take to dethrone Delver?” –
00:16:50 — Why Tempo Naturally Rules Eternal Formats
00:20:20 — Podcasts & Stream WE consume
00:24:30 — The History of Everyday Eternal
00:33:25 — What is The Spirit of Everyday Eternal?
00:37:00 — Why Episode 37 was so Important
00:42:30 — What Content Do We Want in Legacy?
00:45:50 — Clip Review – 100 Episodes of Fails & Wins
01:44:48 — General Takeaway

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