Lille 🇫🇷 | Grand Prix – A Castle Full of Nerds

The idea to rent a castle for Grand Prix Lille first came up during Team Euroswag’s American raid in November 2014. For the most part, nobody really took it very seriously — up until Felix started collecting offers for different places in and around Lille. We initially found a huge chateau 100km outside the city,…

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Rome 🇮🇹 | CMS – Legacy & Vintage in The Eternal City

Earlier this month, Europe’s premier online card-trading platform MKM held the first event of its recently announced continent-wide tournament series. From 10th to 12th of April over 200 players duked it out in what must have been the ideal place — The Eternal City of Rome! Our Crew for Rome: Felix “Phelix” Munch — 43Lands.dec (Legacy) // UR Delver…

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Milan 🇮🇹 | Milano Eternal Debrief

Last weekend my friends and I travelled to Italy to participate in the newly created Milano Eternal tournament organized by JK Entertainment from Frankfurt. Even though nobody really knows why Jens decided to hold the tournament in Milano, it’s always just a rather short 5h drive for us Munich guys, so we were happy to make the transit across…

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