Grand Prix

Prague 🇨🇿 | Grand Prix Report

Grand Prix time! The annual event the entire continent’s Legacy community is looking forward to. It’s quite a shame Wizards of the Coast decided to hold both the US and EU one on the same weekend, given how interconnected the community is, with several players usually flying across the pond for each other’s Grand Prix….

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Lille 🇫🇷 | Grand Prix – A Castle Full of Nerds

The idea to rent a castle for Grand Prix Lille first came up during Team Euroswag’s American raid in November 2014. For the most part, nobody really took it very seriously — up until Felix started collecting offers for different places in and around Lille. We initially found a huge chateau 100km outside the city,…

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Amsterdam 🇳🇱 | Grand Prix – A Lesson in Choosing Your Deck

Hey fellow Sourcers, so I’m back from GP Amsterdam and got quite a lot of stories to tell. While some of you might just be interested in the tournament report, I’d like to share all my impressions and experiences outside the battlefield with the intrigued rest of you! My journey starts on Thursday at the…

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